Welcome Prof. Xiuxin Wang from Southeast University, China to be Keynote Speaker!

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Prof. Xiuxin Wang

School of Civil Engineering, Southeast University, China

Research Area:

1. High-rise building structure design theory, building structure disaster resistance design;

2. Building structure identification and safety evaluation, building renovation and reinforcement engineering, structural damage detection and health diagnosis;

3. Bridge design and seismic isolation; geotechnical engineering, underground engineering and tunnel engineering design and disaster resistance;

4. Disaster-resistant design and management of municipal infrastructure;

5. Design and optimization of building structure system, sustainable development of buildings, urbanization and human environment design.

Research Experience:

Prof. Xiuxin Wang, Doctor of Engineering, is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Civil Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Southeast University, and a part-time deputy dean of the Graduate School of Southeast University. He is also a member of the Seismic Theory Committee of the Chinese Architectural Society, deputy director of the Seismic Professional Committee of the Jiangsu Civil Engineering Society, a member of the Jiangsu Provincial Civil Engineering Society Architectural Structure Committee, a director of the Jiangsu Earthquake Engineering Society, and a national first-class registered structural engineer of the Southeast University Architectural Design and Research Institute . 1994-1995 Postdoctoral in Earthquake Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, School of Industrial Engineering, Madrid Polytechnic University. In 1999, he was engaged in guest research in the Department of Civil Structure Engineering of Hong Kong Polytechnic University.